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GEMERA is transforming the gemstone industry by connecting producers and end customers through the benefits granted by the blockchain technology.

GEMERA Token. A smart way to invest in gemstones.


GEMERA is a gemstone tokenization project, whose primary purpose is to connect the gemstone producers with the end customers directly, through the benefits granted by the blockchain technology, providing in that manner a more democratic, transparent and accessible way to invest in these world-class assets.

GEMERA has already formed a partnership with emerald producers, which made the construction of its prototype of gemstone tokenization with Colombian emeralds possible. Currently the first stock of certified emeralds is stored in a security vault of a safe deposit box company in Hong Kong.

A part of GEMERA's politics is to only bind with companies with good environmental practices in the extraction of gemstones and with corporate social responsibility standards.




GEMERA tokenizes gemstones by issuing digital tokens into an immutable ledger and applying an Assessment Process to determine the quality of the gems.


GEMERA tokens can be redeemed for gemstones through the project’s marketplace, where information and certification of every piece are exposed.


GEMERA tokens can be converted into fiat or cryptocurrencies in exchanges or can be transferred instantly to other compatible wallets.


These assets are an excellent store of value due to their beauty and scarcity. They are also extraordinarily durable.

Prototype with Emeralds

The Project has developed a gemstone tokenization prototype with Colombian emeralds.

Corporate Social Responsibility

GEMERA’s chief partners are gemstone producers with sound environmental practices and corporate social responsibility standards.





2018 - Q3


2018 - Q3

bonus - 20%


2018 - Q4

bonus - 10%


10.000.000 GEMERAS

20.000.000 GEMERAS

Ticker Platform Softcap Pre-Sale Rate Accepted Payment
GEMA Ethereum ERC-20 500 K 1 GEMA ≅ 1 USD ETH

Road Map

2017 - 2018

  • 2017 Q2

    The conception of the idea

    Research on the industry of Colombian emeralds and other gemstones

    Project Feasibility

  • 2017 Q3

    Partnership establishment with emerald producers

    Development of the financial structure and business model

    Team Setup

  • 2017 Q4

    Construction of the Emeralds Value Assessment Process

    Smart contract, webpage and marketplace development

  • 2018 Q1

    White Paper publication

    Launch of tokenization prototype with Colombian Emeralds

    Certification, assessment, shipping and storage of the first batch of emeralds

  • 2018 Q2

    Marketing strategy planning

    Fundraising campaign

  • 2018 Q3

    Private Token Sale

    Execution of marketing strategy

    Token Pre-Sale

2018 - 2019

  • 2018 Q4

    Public Token Sale

    Exchange integration

    Incorporation of new members to GEMERA’s team

  • 2019 Q1

    Certification, assessment, transport and storage of emeralds to back all tokens issued at the first Public Sale.

  • 2019 Q2

    Integration with new exchanges

    Development of Blockchain repository of emeralds certificates

  • 2019 Q3

    Audit of the stored emeralds

    GEMERA’s redemption period

    Second Public Token Sale period

  • 2019 Q4

    Corporate Social Responsibility Report

    Certification, assessment, transport and storage of emeralds to back all tokens issued at the second Public Sale

  • 2020 +

    Yearly Public Token Sales until 2027

Colombian Emeralds

Meet the Process of Colombian Emerald Mining

  • Colombia is one of the major producers of emeralds, which are known internationally for their beauty and quality.

  • Colombian emeralds stand out for their perfect saturation, unique shine, and vivid color.

  • The environmental footprint of emerald mining is lower in comparison to other types of mining, because it is a manual process, and no mercury or cyanide is necessary for it.

  • Colombian emeralds have reached almost every part of the world. The main purchasers in 2016 were United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan, among others.


Jorge Pelaez - CEO
Jorge Peláez
CEO - Founder Team

Early Ethereum adopter and angel investor. He is a crypto enthusiast, with a broad experience in IT and... Read more

Nicolás Revollo
CTO - Founder Team

A Serial entrepreneur, with 15 years of experience in IT. He possesses advanced knowledge of blockchain technology... Read more

Nataly León
COO - Founder Team

CEO of Vetas Sierra Alta, a company owner of the emerald mine Las Pavas one of the sources of the highest quality... Read more

Danny Arteaga

Senior journalist, an expert in marketing, social responsibility and corporate communications. He was Communications... Read more

Iaroslav Borshch
Back-End Developer

Web developer, with experience in both client and server side programming, development... Read more

Alejandro Baracaldo
Blockchain Developer

Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer and Blockchain Developer. He considers... Read more

Laura Barrera
Creative Director

Graphic Designer, focused on brand development, multimedia production and interactive... Read more

Camilo Florez

Academic Researcher. He has played a decisive role in the development of the GEMERA's Value... Read more


George Kimionis
Founder and CEO
at Coinomi

Coinomi is the oldest and most complete, security-first, SegWit-enabled, never-hacked, multi-asset... Read more

David Drake
Founder and Chairman at
LDJ Capital

LDJ Capital is a multi-family office which deals in funds worldwide with over $1.5 trillion in assets... Read more

Philippe Boland
Co-Founder of Token Partner

He is also the co-director of the Blockchain Research Group at UxTIC (university network to foster the research in information and... Read more

Edwin Molina
President at Colombian Emerald Producers Association

He is one of the chief representative leaders of the emerald industry in Colombia. His role as head of... Read more

Rodrigo Giraldo
CEO at RG Gem Lab

Professional in Gemology and Jewelry Design of the Gemological Institute (GIA) of America, Santa Monica, California, USA. Lecturer, professor and... Read more

Victor Borrero
Chief Information Security Officer

Ethical Hacker with Certification CEH V9 and extensive knowledge of computer security, ethical hacking, platform hardening and safety... Read more


Gemstones are a multibillion-dollar industry and are an excellent instrument for investment, due to their rarity and scarcity, especially when it comes to colored stones.

However, investing in this asset requires a greater effort than just making an economic transaction: the investor must gather a lot of knowledge about gemstones; pay transportation fees; complete paperwork and procedures; partial purchases are not possible (usually high amounts are required to justify a purchase); they cannot be bought directly from the producers and many intermediaries are behind the whole chain before the stone finally reaches the hands of the investor.

GEMERA's purpose is to solve these problems by connecting investors and producers through a crypto-token placed in an immutable ledger and eliminating intermediaries and cumbersome procedures. In that way, GEMERA offers a more easy, democratic, transparent and accessible way to invest in this type of an asset.

By holding the tokens, the investor becomes the owner of gemstones. And whenever they want to have them physically, the only thing they need to do is redeem the tokens for the gems through GEMERA’s marketplace. On the other hand, GEMERA will create a trustworthy repository of gemstones certifications in the blockchain.

What is the problem GEMERA intends to solve with its project?
GEMERA is one step ahead of the new tendency of tokenization of assets, as it is a project that provides a token backed by a scarce and a desired asset, that can also be used for trading and that can be redeemed for the very gemstones they represent. Also, the whole project will transform the distribution chain of gemstones, connecting producers and end customers, through a crypto-token that can be traded or used as a store of value.
Why is GEMERA a revolutionary project?

Through the tokenization of gemstones, GEMERA wants to help the market expand significantly, and increase the demand worldwide, making it a more democratic, transparent and accessible investment. However, as the supply of gemstones is limited, their price is expected to rise.

Also, as part of the philosophy and purpose of GEMERA is to carry out social and environmental initiatives with part of the project funds, investors will have the opportunity to indirectly contribute to the sustainable development of the communities near the gemstone mines.

Why should an investor consider participating in GEMERA?

GEMERA project takes approximately three months after every token sale ends to store the gemstones that back the tokens in a security vault of a safe deposit box company.

How long does GEMERA take to store the gemstones that back the tokens?
  • GEMERAs can be converted into fiat or cryptocurrencies in exchanges (this option is not available in the early stage of the GEMERA Project, and its success depends on the integration with exchanges).
  • GEMERAs can be transferred to compatible wallets instantly.
  • GEMERAs can be redeemed for gemstones.
How can GEMERA token be used?

The gemstones can be delivered to where the investor indicates by secured mail or can be collected directly at the place where the gemstones are stored.

How to redeem GEMERA's for gemstones?

It is a website ( with the information of each one of the gemstones stored in a safety vault of safe deposit box companies worldwide and ready to be redeemed with GEMERAs. The information of the gemstones includes name, characteristics, price in GEMERAs, and certification, as well as a 360° video, and photographs from different angles.

What is the marketplace?

No. Whenever the GEMERA holders want to redeem their tokens for emeralds, they can visit the marketplace ( to find the gemstone/s they want to acquire in accordance to the number of GEMERAs they would like to redeem.

Are my GEMERA tokens directly linked to a specific emerald?

GEMERA has along with gemologists and experts in fine Colombian emeralds developed a Value Assessment Process, a model that considers color, clarity, carat, enhancement, weight and cut to determine the quality of the emeralds and set up the price.

How is the value of the emeralds in GEMERAs determined?

The GEMERA Project focuses on the transparency of the process throughout its value chain: the selection of the gemstones, the certification every stone must have, the storage, how the gemstones’s quality and its value in GEMERA tokens are determined, and how the holders can redeem them, among other aspects of equal importance. Therefore, each gemstone is exhibited in GEMERA Project’s marketplace (, along with the name of the safe deposit box company it is stored at. An audit process will take place to guarantee the existence, origin and characteristics of the gemstones.

How can I be sure the gemstones are stored in a safe deposit box company?
The GEMERA tokens have to be acquired with Ether (ETH), the Ethereum cryptocurrency, following the instructions on
How can I acquire GEMERAs in a token sale period?
Gemstones are stored in security vaults of safe deposit box companies that meet the security standards of storing this type of an asset. Regarding the prototype of gemstone tokenization with Colombian emeralds, the first batch of these stones is stored currently in the Malca-Amit facilities in Hong Kong.
Where are the gemstones stored?
Currently, GEMERA will enable only one redemption period per year. As the project grows, more annual redemption periods will be considered.
When can the GEMERA tokens be redeemed for gemstones?



Good Practices in Colombian Emerald Mining

Mining has a reputation as being detrimental to the environment. This reputation is historically merited, as numerous mining projects throughout history have indeed had disastrous impacts on the local environment. In the modern era, however, huge progress has been in developing and enforcing international standards for the protection of the environment such that today environmental degradation from mining has been largely (but not completely) mitigated.
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